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We have all the vehicles tools and equiptment to do any job.


We have a large team that can manage muitiple jobs at once so we can get to you quickly


The before and after of a customers home.

We power washed the property with anti fungal and cleaned the guttering around the property.

We only use first class paints, the client really was impressed at the transformation of their property and said they might not sell it after all.

No expensive scaffolding was used during this job, saving the customer money.

house painted.jpg

We also make bespoke double or single gates as pictured and hang and install them


We concreted this car park which was soil, we provided the concrete. laid it and smoothes it as smooth as a babys bum.

Guaranteed for 10 years

This is a cob house which we painted this year.

We had to use specialist paint which is breathable.

This is a block of flats in Torquay we painted this year
Because of the height of the building we used our cherry picker for safety
We take great pride in matching the correct paint application for each property
Customer was extremely happy

Above A fence we built 40ft long and 6ft high.

This gate was built for the National Trust

It was fitted with a yale lock.

We painted this bungalow Dulux Professional Trade Weather Shield. We Power washed with anti fungal and filled any cracks before painting the property.


We can paint three story property without scaffolding.

The scaffolding in this picture is being used by the next door neighbour.

Health and safety is incredibly important to us. We take no risks and we have all the safety features to go with the best quality ladders money can buy.


We boxed in this area and turfed it for a customer.

No job too small with us!

We repair broken banister rails and we can bespoke machine new spindles to match the existing ones

This job was to replace old decking but to retain any decking that could be saved (the darker wood) to save the clustomer money

(Old decking is pictured top left, all other photos are our top quality work)

We also replaced the steps and think you will agree this decking looks fantastic and good for another 30 years use

This is Indian Sand Stone we installed in a property in Paignton with the hand rails and ropes

This is Natural Sand Stone which looks absolutely incredible. We installed at our own house.


This is a fence with concrete foundations and changable panels


Customer just purchased their first home and brought us in to repair all the damaged render and then to repaint. (this is the house before paint)

This is a garden we built to the rear of a customers house

This is decking we built in Paignton

We built this decking at the end of the sand stone installing the up-stands and ropes

This is a fence we built in Torquay, its feather edge is tanalised and will last for 20 years


As you can see, we can reach the most difficult areas for roof repairs or painting with our own cherry picker.


This the same house after we repaired the damage and repainted it

This area used to be overgrown grass. The reason we made it maintenence-free was to benefit a customer that could not keep on top of cutting the grass. We placed a plastic membrane, 20mm Charred Flint chippings we also offer a choice of colour.

The steps and hand rail we built over concrete steps

This is a garden before we started, on the right hand side this is what it looked like after

This is a bespoke summer house we built for a customer.

It has 6mm clear plastic instead of glass and the customer was very happy.

We can build any summer house or shed or any timber structure bespoke.



This what the house looked like before we started

After...fitted with wall cladding

This is what it looks like now

This is before

Starting the build of a customers shed, we had to knock down and remove their previous concrete shed

This is after

Shed completed

We built the frame and then fitted this Oak door for a customer.
We can build staircases, install newell posts, stair strings all in oak if required


This is a hit and miss fence. It is designed to protect the property but because of the gaps in the timber wind passes through it and doesnt blow the fence over.

This type of fence is dead for windy/exposed areas.

We were asked to make the garden dog friendly. We built a fence up the side and across the top. Customer highly delighted.

We can build fences on top of walls


Customers floor after a water leak. When we pulled up the lino we found the floor was rotten. We removed the bath and toilet, replaced the floor and returned to normal.

We can build fences around corners


This is after the floor was replaced. We reinstalled the toilet, bath and sink.


This is the same room two weeks later with fittings.

A major superstore quoted £4,500 just to install this kitchen and we did it for £1,800. Customer is extremely happy.

When we met the property all the render was in poor shape and falling off. We repaired the render and then painted it in County Cream

This is decking we installed in Ogwell. Tanalised timber with a life expectancy of 15 years.

This was an Asbestos roof, which was removes and replaced with Tin Sheeting

We installed Astro Turf and installed Indian Sand Stone Paving Slabs

This house was painted without expensive scaffolding. It was power washed, all the cracks were filled and then painted in the customers own colour. We also painted the soil pipes to blend in with the property.

On the left is the Before photo as we transformed the front of this property from looking tired into a fresh Plymough Grey with white trim. The customer called us after the job to say how very pleased their family were.

We offer Chimney Repairs, from Cracked Render to Broken Pots, we also do roof repairs, Sofitt and Facia Repairs and Cleaning. We also paint High Gables that can not be accessed by ladders. We have our own Cherry Picker in our fleet so customers do not have to wait for Scaffolding to be erected or for the added expense.


We built this fence with concrete posts which will last a lifetime.

We built a feather edge boarding in between each post. Which is interchangable.

We also do hit and miss fencing which is suitable for high wind areas.

All of our fencing is guranteed for 10 years.


We can replace single broken tiles or slate on roofs.

We also repair damage to chimney stacks and pots.


These are gates and fences that we made.

We can make any any style of gate or fence for your property - all guranteed for 10 years.

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